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Recovery Begins – At Home

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment. 

A one-on-one alcohol drug addiction treatment program available in Canada and the US.

Most can recover from addiction without going to rehab. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to do it alone.

RecoverForGood is designed to help those who want to avoid rehab but are unable to quit on their own.

We travel to you, wherever you call home. That includes: your primary residence, vacation destination or hotel.

Sobriety For Life In The Real-World

RecoveForGood Participants Do Recover at real-world speed. They develop invaluable experience, confidence and independence from the very beginning. 

Our approach seamlessly integrates sobriety in an unscripted and unpredictable world of their homes work and social circles.

Sobriety isn’t predicated on dependence of medication, multiple rehab commitments or sober living bubbles.

Nobody Needs To Know You’re In Treatment

Addiction treatment is an extremely private and personal affair. Even though rehabs have privacy policies, other clients are not bound to them.

You may be wanting to keep your treatment private however, the guy next to you is bragging about it on social media.

RecoverForGood One-On-One Services are absolutely CONFIDENTIAL, DISCREET and PRIVATE.

Alcohol Drug Addiction Program

Unlike Medical detoxification our process allows abstinence to occur naturally, making detox safe to do at home. Participants achieve a drug free state of mind, body, clarity and well-being to pre-addiction levels. More

Sober Companion

With decades experiance overcoming addiction, Sober Companions provide real-time tactical guidance as you learn to navigate sobriety at home, work and social circles. More

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